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Zack Snyder puts Fountainhead on hold to avoid public outcry

Zack Snyder
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Zack Snyder has decided to postpone his adaption of the Ayn Rand novel The Fountainhead.

Discussing why the long-awaited adaptation had been put on hold, the Justice League director said on the podcast Life is Short with Justin Long that he believes a more "liberal government" is needed to make a movie so that "everyone won't freak out or something". 

He went on to compare his filmmaking process to the controversial novel, saying: "You’re making little compromises constantly. Maybe one story less, and it’ll be very good. Does it really need all those fancy window frames? Maybe just make the windows. You wanted a mansion, and you end up with something that sort of looks like a house. For me, that’s always what The Fountainhead was about. For a lot of people, it’s a big political thing, but for me it’s not so much about that."

Snyder's reasons for putting the movie on the back burner more than likely means it will be a long time before he touches it. However, he won't be sitting around idling while he waits on the government to change. 

Snyder's Army of the Dead hits Netflix later this month. He recently announced that filming on the Army of the Dead: The Prequel, and there is also an animated series on the way with Netflix. 

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