Yu Suzuki explains how the Shenmue series was supposed to end

Ever wonder how the Shenmue series was going to end? Well, wonder no more. Speaking toMega64, game director and producer Yu Suzuki explains the planned conclusion for the amazing series’ in great detail.

Only, there’s something suspicious about the Suzuki’s confessed plans for the series finale. Maybe it’s the part where Suzuki describes Ryo riding a levitating sword to Oregon, or maybe it’s the part where we find out about future Ryo’s encounter with Tony Soprano. Either way, it’s a fun video, full of all the silly faced shenanigans we’ve come to expect from any Mega64 production. Definitely a must-watch for any true Shenmue fan.

Above: How Shenmue was meant to end with Yu Suzuki

Mar 7, 2011