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You're your own worst enemy in Echo, coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Echo doesn't have enemies in the traditional sense that most games do. That's because in this indie from Danish studio Ultra Ultra, your enemy is you. And I don't mean on an existential, "I need to stop being so hard on myself" sort of way, I mean that these are clones created by an enigmatic palace, and they want to straight-up murder you.

The not-yous in your way aren't just sharing your looks, either. However you behave, they'll learn and mimic. If you go all-out aggressive and start blasting away, they'll pull their guns and do the same. If you try to sneak around, you'll have to deal with enemies that know your path and how to hunt you down the next time. You can see the game in action thanks to a new gameplay trailer below:

I love games with these weird sorts of concepts. Enemy AI adapting to your behavior is nothing new, but this twist makes it feel otherworldly and dangerous. The strange and sterile setting of The Palace plus the light versus dark mechanics make it a psychologically unsettling, borderline horror-genre environment.

Echo doesn't have a release date, but it's currently on Steam Greenlight and a console release is planned. Count me in.

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