Conker is back for a Hololens game, and he's horrifying

Microsoft's Hololens headset, which mixes reality with computer-generated holograms, is about to start shipping to selected developers. When those devs open their box, they'll have some impressive tech on their hands … as well as one not-so-impressive rendition of Rare's foul-mouthed squirrel, Conker.

Don't get me wrong, the room-scanning tech on display is impressive. Conker recognizing the edge of a table or a couch's surface is very cool. It's a shame that Conker's redesign is so distracting from Microsoft's technical accomplishments, because a quick glance at the comments section suggests that it's Conker's appearance, not the Hololens' capabilities, that's causing ire.

Personally, I think that despite being billed as "Young Conker," I can't help but see Old, World-Weary Conker - you know, a squirrel past his prime, after years of drug and alcohol abuse have taken their toll. Coke-Addled Conker. Strung-Out On Heroin Conker.

To be fair, Hololens is not meant to be a consumer device. If the $3,000 price doesn’t make that clear, the limited supplies going out only to select developers and the simplicity of this Conker game should. This isn't an experience made solely to entertain the likes of you and me, it's there to inspire developers and give them a basic understanding of Hololens' capabilities.

Still, there's no denying it - that is a weird-looking Conker.

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Sam Prell

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