You can now play the first ten hours of Mass Effect Andromeda for free

Mass Effect: Andromeda is now free to play, for the first ten hours or until you enter its first vault. 

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You'll need an EA Origin account but other than that all you need to do if go here and choose your platform from PS4, Xbox One or PC. You can then play for ten hours across single player and multiplayer, with all modes available. And your progress carries over, so if you decide to pay to continue, you won't lose anything. 

The game's not had the smoothest run so far, and you can read our Mass Effect: Andromeda review to find out why. TL;DR - it's okay, flawed but okay. If you are going to play then we've some crucial tips you should know about before you play. There's also an interesting trick to find a good gun early on if you're patient.  

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