This Mass Effect: Andromeda trick is an easy way to get some of the best guns early on

Don't head out into the wide world of Mass Effect: Andromeda with that paltry starting equipment. A not-quite-exploit discovered by Reddit user n7_stormreaver offers an easy way to get some of the best weapons available in the early game, and all you need is a little bit of patience for saving and reloading.

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The trick goes like this: as soon as you reach the hub, head across from the security office and find this crate. But don't open it yet! Stop and save the game.

The crate's contents are randomly selected and there's a good chance that it will give you a rare or better weapon. Commenters reported finding Vanquisher SRs, N7 Hurricanes, Scorpions, and Black Widows from the chest, among other weapon types. Not happy with your pull? Reload the save and try again.

For best results, create a separate save once you find a good weapon then reload the starter save and keep going. That way you can try for better gear without losing what you already had to the cruel fates of random number generation.

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