You can now play Dragon Age and Dead Space on your phone through Xbox Game Pass

Dragon Age: Origins
(Image credit: BioWare)

The latest Xbox Game Pass update introduced cloud support for Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Space, among other games, meaning both of these series progenitors can now be played from virtually anywhere with a supported device. 

Dead Space and Dragon Age: Origins have been part of Xbox Game Pass ever since EA Play's library was folded into the service a while back, and Game Pass has had cloud support for some time too, but seeing the two collide and bring full-fat games like these to mobile platforms still boggles the mind a bit. Ferelden and the Ishimura, now available on the go. 

You can try the cloud versions of both games today provided you've got a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, an EA account, and a device that meets the minimum cloud system requirements.  

More games will come to Xbox Game Pass in the coming days, with space sim Next Space Rebels joining the service with cloud, console, and PC support tomorrow, November 17. Tranquil space explorer Exo One, isometric strategy RPG Fae Tactics, the murderous ballet of My Friend Pedro, and retro action-RPG Undungeon will keep things going on November 18. Finally, the inimitably bizarre Deeeer Simulator, hard-as-nails Mortal Shell, and devilish Evil Genius 2 will round out the rest of the month.

Dead Space and Dragon Age are both still trucking along. We likely won't hear anything about the Dead Space remake again until next year, and Dragon Age 4 is a few years away at least, but the fact that they even exist gives us energy. 

Austin Wood

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