You can now play as Nemesis in Resident Evil Resistance

(Image credit: Capcom)

Nicholai Ginovaef is the latest mastermind in Resident Evil Resistance, which would be fine and dandy except for the fact that he summons the horrifying monster Nemesis as a playable character.

"One of the defining aspects of Resident Evil 3 is, without a doubt, the hulking stalker that trails Jill throughout the game. Nemesis is not only one of the most memorable enemies from Resident Evil history, but perhaps one of the most recognizable monsters in all of video game history," Capcom social media specialist Kellen Haney wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

Resistance is the multiplayer component to Resident Evil 3, pitting a team of 4 survivors against a single mastermind, whose job it is to eliminate the survivors by any means necessary. With the hulking Nemesis now firmly on the side of the masterminds, survivors have a lot on their plate, to say the least.

Nemesis is obviously Ginovaef's Ultimate, but the new mastermind also has camera-mounted firearms and survivor-tracking skills that make him formidable enough on his own. But in control of Nemesis, the mastermind has "a blood-curdling roar," "surprisingly fast" movement speed, and tentacles dealing out multiple attacks at once.

Following the announcement from Capcom is a lengthy interview with Resident Evil 3 director Kiyohiko Sakata, who divulges a ton of interesting details about the origins of Nemesis, both in-canon and from a behind-the-scenes developer's perspective.

Here's how Resident Evil 3 remedied Ben Tyrer's childhood fear of Nemesis.

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