You can now be a Guitar Hero in Warframe

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

I'm not sure how high up this featured on anyone's list of dream mash-ups, but if you've been waiting for a space-themed guitar rhythm game, Digital Extremes has just rolled out playable guitars in the PC version of Warframe.

Deployed in the latest PC update over the weekend, the decorative stringed instruments Warframe players know as Shawzin are now fully playable, which means your next match could see you either shot or serenaded by a blistering rendition of Through The Fire And The Flames.

Just in case there's any doubt about what the players think about the instrument's arrival, the Warframe Reddit community has already shared a bunch of incredible videos, including incredulous covers of classics like House of the Rising Sun and Despacito (thanks, Kotaku).

If your Shawzin skills are still a little amateur, worry not; players can also record their own versions of tracks and share the play pattern with other players, not dissimilar to Guitar Hero, so you too can impress your pals and become a Guitar Her– I mean a Shawzin Hero.

Sadly, there's no confirmation yet of when the instruments will drop for Warframe players on console, but we'll keep you posted. 

Six years, 3 months, and 11 days after Warframe first came out, it finally got it's very own intro cinematic. The six-minute CGI video is meant to introduce new people to the game while simultaneously giving seasoned fans a new perspective on Warframe's weird sci-fi story. It's also meant to be an action-packed chunk of visual spectacle, brought to you by the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane and Hungarian CGI studio Digic Pictures.

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