Yes Man and Pineapple Express

A few months ago, Total Film watched as Jim Carrey leapt from a Pasadena bridge under a cloudy sky. No, he hadn’t just seen the box office figures for The Number 23 – he was bungee jumping as part of a set piece for his new comedy, Yes Man.

Based on Danny Wallace’s book, it follows Carl Allen (Carrey), a man who has always said no to everything in his life. But when he attends a self-help seminar (run, by of all people, Terrence Stamp), he learns that saying yes to anything offered just might be his key to a happier life. Or, in the case of the bungee jump, the end of it…

While this new teaser trailer contains a little of the classic Carrey mugging, we’re pleased to see the likes of Flight Of The Conchords’ Rhys Darby and John Michael Huggins among the comedy players. This one will be out early next year.

The new Pineapple Express trailer for us international types is also up,over at Latino Review . And it gives you a little more insight into why this and Tropic Thunder are destined to be among the top comedies of the year. We’ll say no more… Head on over to see it.

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