Yakuza: Like A Dragon release date leak suggests Xbox Series X will launch on or after November 13

Xbox Series X could well be released on or after November 13, according to a new Microsoft Store listing for Yakuza: Like A Dragon. 

The listing was spotted by Twitter sleuth Nibel on the heels of a new English-language trailer for the game. The Day Ichi edition of the game is listed for a 4pm PST / 7pm EST release on November 12, or 12 midnight BST on November 13. The product descriptions for other editions also include a November 13 release, so while this date hasn't been confirmed by Sega, it is consistent across the Microsoft Store. 

So how does that tie into the Xbox Series X release date? Well, an Xbox Wire post has already confirmed that Yakuza 7 will be a “Day One” game for the console. That means the console will either coincide with this November 13 release date or launch afterward so Yakuza is available at launch. Early Microsoft Store listings have been wrong before, but this November 13 release date lines up with previous holiday targets for Like A Dragon. We're expecting both next-gen consoles to launch sometime in or around November, but this helps narrow it down. 

Today brought more than the game's alleged release date, too. As IGN reports, Sega has now confirmed that Like A Dragon will come to PS5. However, while it will be an Xbox Series X launch title, the PS5 version will arrive "at a later date." And as is the case with Xbox Smart Delivery, Like A Dragon will offer a PS5 upgrade path so players can bring their Yakuza shenanigans to the next generation at no extra cost. Oh, and did I mention Star Trek's George Takei will apparently voice Arakawa family head Masumi Arakawa in the English version? 

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Austin Wood

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