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Yakuza: Like a Dragon
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Use this full Yakuza Like A Dragon guide to help you get through some challenging parts of the game, and let Ichiban become the hero of Yokohama he’s always wanted to be. There are people to recruit to your team, side quests for you to complete, a business to run on the side, and even a school to attend - it's got exams that you need to pass too! If you just need some tips or want help getting though some tough sub-stories, you're bound to find some useful help in our Yakuza Like A Dragon guide.

Basic tips

Yakuza 7 tips

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Yakuza Like A Dragon really breaks the Yakuza formula as it’s a turn-based RPG and introduces lots of new elements and side quests. If you need some help getting to grips with it all, here are 10 Yakuza Like A Dragon tips to sort you out.

Recruit Emi

Yakuza Like a Dragon recruit Eri Kamataki

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As a turn-based RPG, building up a party of competent combatants is key in Yakuza Like A Dragon. Learn how to recruit Emi Kamataki in Yakuza Like A Dragon to bolster your team.

Recruit Kiryu and Majima

How to Recruit Kiryu and Majima in Yakuza Like A Dragon

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For some late-game fun, you’ll even be able to recruit the classic Yakuza characters Kiryu and Majima as Poundmates. Be warned: calling upon them is pretty pricey and are both of them are unlocked very late in the game, so you won't get to use them much. Either way, you should still know how to recruit Kiryu and Majima in Yakuza Like A Dragon.

Managing shareholders

Yakuza Like A Dragon Management Shareholder Meeting

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Sounds weird that managing shareholders is a part of a video game, but in Yakuza Like A Dragon, you’ll need to meet with them as part of Ichiban’s confectionery business. Here’s how to deal with Yakuza Like A Dragon management.

Ounbara school exam answers

Yakuza 7 exam answers

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We didn’t think we’d be doing school exams in a video game, but Yakuza Like A Dragon proves us wrong. If you want to ace the exams or see where you went wrong, we’ve got all the cheats you’ll need in this Yakuza Like A Dragon exam answers guide.

Missing cats

Yakuza 7 Missing Cats

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Hiro is in dire need of help in finding his runaway feline friends. If you can’t find the pesky cats, take a look at our Yakuza Like A Dragon missing cats side quest guide.

Kappa statue collectibles

Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappa Statues locations

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There are 10 of these odd-looking statues that you’ll need to find, so use our Yakuza Like A Dragon Kappa Statues guide to speed up the process and complete this side quest quickly.

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