Yakuza images muscle in

Wednesday 26 April 2006
Sega has dispatched a delightful selection of suited and booted images from its upcoming gang-based street brawler, Yakuza, which is going to be busting heads on PS2 this autumn.

A free-roaming gangster epic from Super Monkey Ball creator Toshihiro Nagoshi, players will stomp around Tokyo's red light districts as Kiryu Kazuma, a former yakuza soldier returning to a life of crime after 10 years in the slammer.

Above: Building up a 'heat' gauge allows Kazuma to really mess up his enemies

Yakuza's gameplay will revolve around brutal, close-up fighting, although there should also be plenty of alternative criminal pursuits to enjoy, such as extortion, gambling and an array of side missions.

Hit the images tab at the top of the page - preferably with an elaborate chopsocky style wiiiiyyyaaaa - for a look at Yakuza's main man dishing out violence like day-old sushi.

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