Yakuza 3 stabs us in the face

Sept 21, 2007

Atrailer for Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan - better known to Western audiences as Yakuza 3 - was unleashed at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Unlike its predecessors, Yakuza 3 will be set during the Edo period in the year 1605. From the looks of things, the game will be full of feudal samurai swordplay.

Four fighting styles have been confirmed so far with a blade, dual-wielded swords, a big ass sword, and your two fists at your disposal. Yakuza 3 is scheduled to release in early 2008 in Japan on the PS3. We hope that US and European audiences won't have to wait as long asthey did for an announcementon Western versions of the game like we did withYakuza 2.

Feed your head with the sword-porn below and hit up theImagestab above for the latest screens.