Xbox will put out free demos of more than 35 unreleased games starting Dec. 7

ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo event will bring playable slices of at least three dozen unreleased games straight to your Xbox starting next week.

A post on the official Xbox Wire blog (opens in new tab) confirms that Microsoft will once again collaborate with The Game Awards to bring a host of demos to Xbox Series X and S as well as Xbox One. Microsoft says the event will run from December 7 through the 21st and feature "over 35 demos of upcoming unreleased games," which means you'll need to tackle at least two and a half demos a day to play through them all before the Winter Game Fest is over.

ID@Xbox says it will unveil the full list of games closer to the start of the event, though it unveiled a handful along with the announcement. Here's what we're looking at so far:

  • Loot River: A procedurally generated dungeon-crawling roguelike that's part Dark Souls and part Tetris.
  • Death Trash: A post-apocalyptic action RPG of bloodthirsty Lovecraftian beasts and shotgun-wielding punks.
  • Blacktail: A first-person exploration and archery game based on the tale of Baba Yaga.
  • The Tale of Bistun: An action-adventure game that bridges the real world and an ethereal realm of memory.
  • Nobody Saves the World: A comedic, form-swapping action RPG that lets you build bizarre combos on your own or in online co-op.

The Game Awards is set to air on December 9, and it will bring even more new games - with the full list of reveals set to number in the "double digits".

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