Xbox Series X restock: Best Buy is your best bet this week

Xbox Series X restock
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Xbox Series X restock deals are looking more lively towards the end of September, as credible sources online have denoted that Best Buy could have Series X console deals going live between 7am and 7:30am on Thursday ET, September 23, though it's looking like it's for in-store collection only. 

Best Buy last had an Xbox Series X restock over one month ago, and according to TechRadar's restock expert Matt Swider, this delay was because of overdue orders rolling in later than expected. That means the online retailer has, essentially, now been getting units ready for release in one controlled burst from a variety of store locations.  

Wary of getting your hopes up? Don't worry, it wasn't uncommon for this retailer to have Xbox Series X restocks happening every week throughout the majority of this year, so we know that Best Buy is one of the more consistent and reliable storefronts to visit in order to secure the system for your home. 

Amazon, while inconsistent, tends to hold Xbox Series X restock events fairly regularly as well, though it's been a fair amount of time since a drop here, too. The world's largest online retailer tends to release units first thing in the morning, often with little warning, so it's definitely worth keeping a close watch on what it's doing on weekdays.

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates at retailers

Xbox Series X restock

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Xbox Series X restock: Buying advice

Price: Please remember that the Xbox Series X price is $499 in the US and £450 in the UK. We know that it's tempting to pay over-the-odds to a secondary reseller, but we advise never doing this, as it just isn't worth spending up to $1,000 just to get the console under your TV. Only buy from the trusted retailers, too; Xbox Series X restock deals are common, happening at least once a week at minimum, so be patient - it pays off. 

Bundles: Considering just how in-demand Xbox Series X consoles are right now, we generally recommend aiming for a bundle packed in with some games or the best Xbox Series X accessories (such as the best Xbox Series X headset).  This is because the standalone consoles tend to sell out in a matter of minutes, which is frustrating online but could be even more heartbreaking if you have to physically wait in line for one, too. 

Payment information: It's always worthwhile to have your billing address and payment method ready to go ahead of any potential Xbox Series X restocks. This means you can save seconds (or even minutes) on that pivotal time window to secure your system, and aren't as likely to be hit with errors that force you to start over again. 

Check for Xbox Series X restock chances today

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