Xbox Series X game capture quality and sharing features will improve, Microsoft pledges

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox hardware devs are prioritizing video capture quality and sharing improvements.

As reported by VGC, Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald appeared on the Iron Lords podcast this past week. "I will definitely say that Game DVR is the one area, the capture and share experience, that I wish we were able to make more progress [on] this year than we were able to," Ronald said when asked about Game DVR capabilities on Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Ronald went on to add that it's "definitely a priority" for those at Xbox, and that the manufacturer is actively listening to feedback about the Game DVR capabilities of both new-gen consoles. "We have made some changes and we have made some improvements to the reliability and the quality of the captures but we know we still have work to do here," the director of program management said.

It's good to know that Xbox is actively looking into ways to improve both the video capture and sharing capabilities of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. There's no doubt that the process isn't quite as smooth as Sony's on the PS5, where a user is never more than a few button presses away from being able to immediately share video recordings and images to their social media feeds.

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