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Xbox One X guide: how to capture and share 4K and HD game video

Xbox One X games look amazing in 4K so obviously you want to show people. Here's how to capture both 4K and HD footage using the console. There are two ways to capture footage on the Xbox One X. You can either use internal console storage or an Xbox One external hard drive. If you go for the internal option you can share and edit it directly from the machine, but you'll be limited to two minutes, and only be able to view it in full 4K on the console - once you share it the Xbox One X will downscale it to 1080p. 

If you want to get your footage off the Xbox One X in full 4K and capture for longer you'll need to use external storage, either a USB or hard drive. That will let you capture up to an hour at a time, and take it off the machine, but you won't be able to use the Xbox One X's editing or share options. You can still watch it off the hard drive like any media file but otherwise, once it's off the machine it's off the machine. 

Watch our full video guide to find out more. 

Leon Hurley
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