Xbox Live trivia game 1 vs. 100 may return on Xbox Series X

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A beloved familiar face could be due for a comeback on Xbox Series X. 

Phil Spencer commented in an official FanFest stream that Microsoft plans to bring back a trivia game from the past. This led to much speculation that Xbox will eventually revive fan favorite game 1 vs 100. 

The stream where the initial comments took place was meant to occur along with a quiz, which then faced technical difficulties that prevented it from taking place. Spencer, meanwhile, took this as an opportunity to tease a revival of the game. 

“Maybe we should even be building our own trivia game," said Spencer, "like from our past, that allows people to play a trivia game more often."

The original game was an Xbox 360 title that pitted 101 Xbox Live users against each other in a quiz showdown, with the title coming from the game mechanic that picked one player from the group to compete against the rest, known as "the mob." 

The title was based on an American game show of the same name that ran from 2006 to 2008, right before the game's initial release. The game version had a significant level of popularity during its initial release, having been downloaded by over 2.5 million players during its tenure. According to Microsoft, the North American edition passed the official Guinness World Record for most contestants in a game show. The game also saw a number of cross-platform releases, having had versions released for the Nintendo DS as well as a mobile app version. 

After two seasons of play, Microsoft confirmed in 2010 that the Xbox Live edition would not return for a third. It is still unknown whether the game will actually make its return, but the hints are all there. 

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