Xbox is making it much easier to share your favorite gameplay clips

Xbox clip sharing
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox game clip sharing is set to get a whole lot easier with a new app feature that's out for testing now.

The update to the Xbox mobile app allows you to share your favorite clips simply by sharing out a link - whoever opens the link will be able to watch, with no need for them to log in or have any special permissions. The link will be available by selecting that specific clip in the My Library section of the app. From there, you can copy it and send it out to whoever. Depending on how you want to share it, this could be quite a bit simpler and faster than the old process of sharing to specific destination apps.

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The Xbox mobile app will also begin to spotlight trending content from the community, so you'll be able to use it as a one-stop highlight reel to enjoy the latest impressive (or at least impressively funny) feats from fellow players around the world. A notification accompanying the update says

All of this is still in testing, so don't fret if you don't see it available in your version of the app yet. A notification accompanying the updated version confirms that Xbox expects "to roll this feature out to all users soon, subject to the feedback we hear from users in this test," so don't worry too much if you're still stuck with the old version.

Meanwhile, if you're wishing you had a cool new console to share clips from, stay glued to our guide to Xbox Series X stock updates. 

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