Xbox Game Pass subscriber count now tops 15 million and it's growing fast

(Image credit: Microsoft)

More than 15 million people now subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, which is extra impressive since the service only surpassed 10 million subscribers back in April.

Microsoft released the new figure for Xbox Game Pass subscriber numbers in the same press release where it announced its acquisition of Bethesda parent company ZeniMax. It represents a 50% jump in subscriber figures in just about 5 months, which is the sort of stratospheric growth that makes executives feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Much of that growth happened in what was otherwise a relatively quiet time for Xbox. With the announcement that future Bethesda titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, including Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, and the pending arrival of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in November, I can't imagine Xbox Game Pass' growth is about to start slowing down now.

Microsoft first debuted Xbox Game Pass back in 2017 with an Xbox One exclusive subscription. Since then it's added a PC counterpart and bundled both together with an Xbox Live Gold subscription in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Earlier this month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers got an all-new benefit in the form of cloud gaming: more than 150 games are now available for cloud streaming to Android devices, letting both dedicated Xbox fans and folks who don't even own a console or gaming PC alike play wherever they have a decent network connection.

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Connor Sheridan

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