Xbox Game Pass gets a JRPG boost with Scarlet Nexus and Astria Ascending out today

Scarlet Nexus
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Xbox Game Pass got a rare injection of JRPGs today with the release of Astria Ascending and a Game Pass debut for Scarlet Nexus. 

Astria Ascending has only just launched, and the pedigree of its aptly named developer, Artisan Studio, is plain to see. With former Final Fantasy, Nier Automata, and Bravely Default contributors behind it, Astria Ascending is a powerhouse of JRPG talent. Classic turn-based combat, characters and environments dripping with style and detail, and immediately gripping music make this feel like something mighty special. Seriously, just look at this art:

Astria Ascending

(Image credit: Artisan Studio)

Scarlet Nexus, meanwhile, was released earlier this summer. Developer and publisher Bandai Namco, which has kept the JRPGs coming with the more recent Tales of Arise, is finally bringing it to Xbox Game Pass after initially revealing the game at an Xbox event. 

As we said in our Scarlet Nexus review, this self-described "brainpunk" action RPG packs an exhilarating combat system into a fascinating world, though it is let down by some meager side content. Nevertheless, Scarlet Nexus is one of the best JRPGs of the new console generation, and a solid get for Game Pass. 

Scarlet Nexus is available for Game Pass on console, PC, and via the cloud, but Astria Ascending is only available on the console version. If you want to play Astria Ascending on PC, you can find it on Steam and the Epic Games Store, where it's currently 10% off for its launch sale. 

Xbox Game Pass has made some especially eclectic additions lately between Marvel's Avengers (which is also coming to the service today, funnily enough) and Swery's The Good Life out next month.

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