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Xbox Fitness uses new Kinect to track P90X, other workouts

Xbox One is breaking into the fitness world hard with Xbox Fitness, a Kinect-enabled selection of workout programs from renowned trainers available free with Xbox Live Gold. The suite incorporates routines like P90X, the Tracy Anderson Method, and Insanity, according to its promotional page posted today.

Xbox Fitness uses Kinect's pulse-tracking capability combined with improved motion detection to present a live analysis of the user's performance alongside pre-recorded workout video. Users can even participate in social challenges with friends to better their performance.

The program will be free starting in "Holiday 2013," but it will require a separate subscription for unlimited access on top of Xbox Live Gold as of January 2015. Extra content will also be available for purchase.

With Xbox Fitness and Wii Fit U both free for a limited time, does that make PS4 the couch potato's console?

Connor Sheridan
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