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Xbox Doom 3 for March?

Much like sloppy-vowelled mockney Nigel Kennedy, the Xbox doesn't often find itself playing second fiddle but that is exactly what's happened to the big black box ever since Doom 3 appeared on PC. For while those lucky desktop-driven gamers have been shoving their torches into the gloom since August, Xbox owners have been waiting (and fiddling) in the dark for months.

But some light has been shed on the subject by a couple of online retail supremos who have started claiming that Activision's Martian shooter is set to appear for $40 in the States on 1 March. Which, in these days of simultaneous global releases, is enough to set tongues wagging and pre-orders flying on this side of the pond.

To amplify the sound of slaver dripping from dropped jaws, a Collector's Edition of the game is also set for the same date. Coasting in on a tide of brimstone at an additional $10, the bonus box promises to contain video interviews with the team, TV features about the game and enough the sketches and promo gubbins to sate even the most ardent id addict. Hopefully it'll also get a fancy embossed metal box, much like the special edition of Halo 2.

With both editions promising an exclusive co-op version of the online game plus the original FPS pairing of Doom 1 and Doom 2 also included, we'll bring you news of a definite UK date for this thrilling conversion just as soon as we get it.