Xbox consoles get a full library revamp today

The full library view on an Xbox console
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The latest Xbox system update is now rolling out, bringing a complete revamp to the library display on consoles, the option to choose your default game install location, and the ability to give your Elite Series 2 controller a multi-colored glow.

The full library view will now show every single game and app you have access to, including your owned games alongside titles you have access to through subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass, EA Play, and Games with Gold. You'll still be able to to tab between displays of what games you have in each of those categories, you're just now also getting a big hopper where you can see everything at once.

This update also lets you select a default install location for games and apps. You'll be able to set defaults for specific categories, too, allowing you to choose the default install path for Xbox Series X and S games (which can only run from internal storage or the expansion card) separately from backwards compatible games (which can be launched from external drives).

Both the new library and the default install location options are available on both Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One consoles. Xbox One is also getting a feature Series consoles have had for a few weeks, with party chat noise suppression.

Also, did you know that the Xbox home button light on Elite Series 2 controllers is capable of changing colors? It is, and you can now open the Xbox Accessories app on consoles or PC to set that color to anything you want. Xbox promises in its blog that 16 million hues are available.

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Dustin Bailey
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