Xbox boss Phil Spencer is playing Starfield already, and fans aren't hiding their jealousy

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Phil Spencer is playing Starfield already, and fans of Bethesda's upcoming RPG aren't hiding their jealousy. 

Apparently anyone can add the Xbox head of gaming on their Xbox friends list by following them, hence why people are now discovering Phil Spencer is playing Starfield early. One of the perks of being in charge of Xbox is that you get to play games ahead of release - who could've guessed?

LET US PLAY OT TOO PHIL from r/Starfield

"Damn, I should pay 6 billion too for early access," writes one Reddit user. Yeah, if we had a spare six billion dollars lying around somewhere we'd probably steer it away from the good of humanity and into purchasing Zenimax to play a game a couple months early as well.

It turns out Bethesda's head of marketing, Pete Hines, is also playing Starfield ahead of release. When Phil Spencer said earlier this year that just about every Xbox console used for quality assurance at Microsoft was playing Starfield, he could've extended that to Bethesda employees as well. 

Phil Spencer & Pete Hines are playing Starfield in Xbox from r/Starfield

"IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME, NOT HIM," chimes in one user with images of Yu-Gi-Oh fresh in their mind. "This is why it's taken so long. They forgot they were supposed to be working," writes another Reddit user. If we had early access to Starfield we'd probably forget about our day jobs too, in all fairness.

Starfield is releasing in under two months from now on September 6, and you can play Bethesda's game five days early if you're willing to upgrade to the Digital Premium Edition and effectively buy your way into Starfield Early Access. Otherwise, it'll be available for Xbox Game Pass users on PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles alike at launch.

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