Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirms Kojima collab is definitely a video game, not "an experience"

(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is allaying fears that Hideo Kojima's newly announced Xbox game is some sort of weird "experience" and not an actual true blue video game.

"He's got this really great idea for a game, and I want to be clear, because I know we say 'experience' and stuff - he's building a video game," Spencer said at the start of today's extended Xbox and Bethesda showcase. "But he has these really unique things that he wants to do in the game and we said, 'OK let's go do something together.'"

When Kojima's Xbox game was announced over the weekend, Spencer indeed called it "an experience" that would take advantage of Microsoft's cloud technology. However, Kojima plainly called it "a game" while speaking about it during the same showcase, which should've put to rest any concerns, but apparently Spencer heard enough of those that he felt the need to clarify during today's event.

In case you missed it, Xbox announced that it's partnering with Kojima on "a completely new game that no one has ever experienced or seen before," which will leverage the power of Microsoft's cloud-based technology. Details are pretty thin right now - there hasn't even been a teaser trailer yet - but the partnership could have massive implications for the public perception around Xbox broadly.

As there's no title, teaser, or plot details for Kojima's Xbox game, it should come as no surprise that we have no earthly clue when it'll launch, but here's hoping we learn more before too long.

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