Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 spider controllers promise more precision in first-person shooters

The Xbox 360 and PS3 Avenger from GamingZap isn’t for casual FPS fans. But it may give hardcore players a slight competitive edge against opponents. The over-the-top add-on snaps onto a standard Xbox 360 controller. With a variety of customizable levers and tension straps, the Avenger lets you press any of the controller’s face buttons and triggers without taking either of your thumbs away from the analog sticks.

The Avenger for the 360 is now available on GamingZap’s online store for £49.95 – and the company has just announced that it is now accepting pre-orders for the PS3 version, which will be available shortly for the same price.

We’re not sure if the spider-like add-on will actually improve your kill/death ratio in Call of Duty, but at the very least, you have to admit that it looks pretty crazy. Check out a video demo of the Avenger in action and marvel at mankind’s ability to make everything more complicated.

Sep 8, 2011