X-Men's Olivia Munn joins The Predator, which will take place in... suburbia

Remember that time an Alien and a Predator who loved each other very much got together and had a baby? 

I say "had a baby." What I really mean is, remember that time a xenomorph stuffed its proboscis down a predator's throat and impregnated it with an embryo? That hideous devil spawn terrorised small town America in Alien v Predator: Requiem, a sequel that's just.... awful. 

Hold onto your butts folks, because it appears that Shane Black's sequel (to the original '80s Predator franchise, not the crossover - thank goodness) will take place in a similar setting.  

This news arrives in a report from THR about the film's latest cast members, who'll presumably be Predator bait. X-Men: Apocalypse's Olivia Munn is joining as a scientist alongside Boyd Holbrook. Holbrook was previously rumored to be taking over the part that - until recently - Benicio Del Toro was lined up to play. Now we know that role is of a "Special Forces commando." 

Now, back to the intriguing bit -  suburbia. That's apparently where the movie will take place, and as I mentioned above, historically it's not been the best environment for the Pred. Saying that, we're not talking about any old creative team bringing this to life.  

Shane Black, who brought us The Nice Guys, and the absolutely superb Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, directs and is on scripting duties with Fred Dekker. The pair worked together previously on The Monster Squad, and Dekker penned the schlock-tastic Night of the Creeps. If any duo can make a Predator movie in suburbia work, it's these guys. 

Just as long as they keep the PredAlien out of it.

Directed by Shane Black and starring Boyd Holbrook and Olivia Munn, The Predator opens in the US on February 9, 2018 and in UK cinemas on March 2, 2018.  

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