X-Men Legends #7 reunites Wolverine and legendary writer Larry Hama

cover of X-Men Legends #7
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Wolverine, one of the most popular X-Men ever, gets the spotlight in September's X-Men Legends #7, as Larry Hama, one of the writers who helped define Wolverine's place in the Marvel Universe and whose solo stories pushed Wolverine to the forefront of Marvel fandom, returns.

Hama wrote over 50 issues of Wolverine's solo title through the early '90s, expanding Wolverine's history and mythos and pitting him against villains such as Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth; characters whose rivalry and relationship with Wolverine became a recurring theme in Hama's run. 

Hama also brought Jubilee into the fold as an ally and protege of Wolverine, playing off of the relationship established in the core X-Men title. Now, as Hama returns to Wolverine for X-Men Legends #7, his entry in the ongoing title which brings classic X-Men creators back to tell new stories, Jubilee also returns to Wolverine's side as part of the mystery of the story.

cover of X-Men Legends #7

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Acclaimed creator Larry Hama will return to his epic run on Wolverine this September in X-Men Legends #7!" reads Marvel's announcement. "Joined by popular X-Men artist Billy Tan, Hama will once again pick up the adventures of Weapon X, continuing his work on Wolverine that helped define the 90s." 

"The writer behind Wolverine’s greatest stories and deadliest encounters returns to do what he does best!" 

What's more, Hama's blast from the past story will also focus on some of the slice-and-dice ninja action his Wolverine stories are known for, taking Wolverine back to Japan and bringing in Lady Deathstrike and the Hand as the villains of the tale. 

"When two young mutants disappear, Wolverine and Jubilee set off for Japan to track them down," reads Marvel's description of X-Men Legends #7. "But Lady Deathstrike and the Hand have their own designs on the duo, and it’ll take no small measure of blood, sweat, and adamantium to change their mind, kicking off a deadly international mutant conflict!"

Hama, a lifelong martial artist himself, is known for incorporating concepts of martial arts philosophy alongside the high-octane action of his stories. For X-Men Legends #7, Hama will be joined by artist Billy Tan, who has plenty of experience drawing not only the X-Men, but the kind of fast-paced action that Hama often injects into his comics.

X-Men Legends #7 is due out in September. Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel's full September 2021 solicitations, coming later this month.

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