WWE Superstar Speaks on SmackDown!

Not only is WWE wrestler Shelton Benjamin the reigning intercontinental champion, he's also been the winner of the WWE Superstar Challenge - the knockout videogame tournament in which wrestlers go head-to-head in bouts of SmackDown! on PS2 - for four years in a row. After he once again trounced the competition in this year's contest, we caught up with Benjamin for the full SmackDown! lowdown...

You've won the WWE Superstar Challenge four years in a row now. Is there anyone even close to your level?
Stevie Richards is the biggest gamer in WWE. I would actually put him above me as far as gaming goes, so he might be competition next year.

Have you seen anything of SmackDown! vs Raw 2007 yet?
Yes. I've been shown a few pictures and the graphics look like they're going to blow SmackDown! vs Raw 2006 out of the water. You can see the beads of sweat and everything. It's going to be awesome.

Above: WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2007 is theeighth game in the series.

Is the developer using the same scan of you for SvR 2007 as in previous games?
For the past couple of years they didn't even scan me, they only got me to do the voice. For this year's game, a guy came in and he must have taken 1,000 pictures from every angle. It took about half an hour to an hour. From what I've seen so far, the end result is pretty realistic.

Do you always play SmackDown! as yourself?
I always play as myself. Every day I come here and play and I need to know what I'm going to be doing. I sometimes play around but, for career mode, I always play as myself and get the strap [world title belt] on me as quickly as possible