WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 08 - hands-on

There are a massive variety of new options for using the humble chair in SmackDown! 2008. It isn't just Van Daminators and tooth-crunching chair-guillotines any more. Here are just a few of the moves you can bust out.

An old favorite. Jam your opponent's ankle between the legs of a folding chair, then simply stamp on the back part, and watch them writhe in agony.

A variation on the ankle-snapper, where you substitute your opponent's neck for their ankle. Traditionally stopped by the ref in "real" wrestling, SmackDown! lets you do this move and chuckle as your opponent rolls around clutching their throat.

When your opponent's already near unconsciousness, simply place their head on a cold steel chair on the mat, as if resting it on a pillow. Then grab another chair - it helps to have one prepared, because getting one from under the ring takes too long - and smash them in the back of the head with it, sandwiching their brain between the plates of cold steel. This is sure to feel very satisfying.