WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 08 - hands-on

New SmackDown! has the most sharply-rendered XXL-t-shirt wearing fans ever seen in a game, and it wouldn't be wrestling if they didn't get involved in the action as well. Here's some of the mad, interactive stuff you can expect your chosen wrestler to get involved in.

As in the last SmackDown!, wrestlers can grab signs from fans in the crowd and either wave them triumphantly, or rip them up, depending on how they're feeling. You can also lob wrestlers into the crowd and watch the hooting fans part like the Red Sea. And occasionally spill their beer.

Crowds are also packing a wider variety of weapons this time out: we managed to grab an acoustic guitar off one excitable local and pull off the classic El Kabong on Kane. If you hit the D-pad to taunt while you're close to the crowd, your wrestler will lean against the barrier and bask in adulation as they pat his shoulders.