WWE 12 an absurd interview with Champion Alberto Del Rio

As any self-respecting wrestling fan already knows, THQ is getting ready to return to the ring this November on Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 with WWE ’12 - a game the publisher promises will be “bigger, badder, [and] better” than any grappling game to come before. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio can arguably lay claim to being the biggest and baddest WWE performer of all, but as a recent interview with the champ proves, he might also be the most confused...

Read on to get Señor Del Rio’s bewildered thoughts on WWE ’12 - with an assist from his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez - in a conversation that occurred the night before Del Rio won the gold. And if you want to read more superstar thoughts on WWE ’12, check out Nintendo Power Vol. 272 (on newsstands now) for interviews with R-Truth, Kelly Kelly, Zack Ryder, and more.

Why should players pick your character in WWE ’12?

Alberto Del Rio: I’m really happy with WWE ’12. It’s amazing. The fact that I’m in a video game is incredible; it’s a dream come true.

No, why should players pick your character?

Alberto Del Rio: Uh... I don’t know.

Ricardo Rodriguez: They should pick his character because, first of all, it’s Alberto Del Rio. A man of destiny! A man who will become the next champion in the next couple of time-periods. So I think he’s someone that you should probably pick because I’m sure his stats are higher than everyone else. I’m sure John Cena’s stats can’t even compare. The Undertaker probably can’t even compare. That’s why you should pick Alberto Del Rio as a character.

Alberto Del Rio: They’re going to have the chance to be Alberto Del Rio for a few hours. That’s the most important part.

What memorable moment of your career would you like to see immortalized in a video game?

Alberto Del Rio: The moment where I become the WWE Champion.

What kind of a storyline would you like to see players create for your character in WWE ’12?

Alberto Del Rio: Well, they can do whatever they want. The WWE Universe can do whatever they want with me, and that’s the reason I’m in that video game. So if they want to make me the most important guy in WWE, they can do whatever they want.

Is there any type of match you'd like to see your character compete in that you wouldn't or couldn’t in real life?

Alberto Del Rio: I’m for big challenges and can face anybody, but I know they have legends in WWE ’12, so I’d love to see myself against Andre the Giant.

Andre the Giant wasn’t announced as being in the game, but of the legends announced, is there anyone you’d like to fight against?

Alberto Del Rio: I don’t know... what do you think, Ricardo?

Ricardo Rodriguez: I would like to see you against Eddie Guerrero.

Alberto Del Rio: Oh yes, that’s a good one! Can you imagine that? Alberto Del Rio versus Eddie Guerrero. That would just be something incredible.

Just one more thing: when we talked at E3 you mentioned you were a huge Resident Evil fan. What is your favorite Resident Evil game and why?

Alberto Del Rio: Um... [laughs nervously]... I don’t know why, but...

Ricardo Rodriguez: I think 4.

Alberto Del Rio: I don’t know... [more nervous laughter]

Ricardo Rodriguez: Actually the movies are good with Milla Jovovich. I don’t know much about the game, but I know that the movies are awesome.

Alberto Del Rio: Well, the games were awesome, and, uh... she’s hot.

Ricardo Rodriguez: She’s totally hot. Gorgeous.

Alberto Del Rio: Yeah.

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