WrestleMania 31's main events, predicted and debated in WWE 2K15

It's WrestleMania this weekend! Sorry, please excuse the gratuitous exclamation mark, but it's all getting rather exciting. The culmination of another year of ups, downs, and no small amount of fan controversy in the WWE, this year's 'Mania card is packing some of the most incendiary bookings we've seen at any wrestling event in quite some time. A seven-man ladder match for the Intercontinental title, between Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Luke Harper, Stardust, and, er, R-Truth. Bray Wyatt squaring off against The Undertaker, in what's bound to be a desperately high-impact spook-fest. Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship.

It's going to be big, it's going to be brilliant, and it's happening this Sunday. In fact it's all so exciting that we couldn't wait that long, so myself and fellow grapple-fan Matt Elliott have simulated all of the above matches in WWE 2K15. Not only that, but we've used said digital dust-ups as the focal point for a great deal of beard-stroking wrassle-chat, wherein we muse upon recent and ongoing WWE twists and turns, consider how they all might come together at 'Mania, and ponder upon the future following this week's event. Click on!

This should be 'Mania's most ludicrously kinetic match, but how will it go down? Will Bryan rise back to glory? Will R-Truth dominate all for victory? Who will pull off the most insane spot of the match? Let the simulation decide!

It's the Deadman vs. the Dragon, but who's the most powerful face of fear in the WWE today? Can Sister Abigail beat a Tombstone? Find out now. Pro-tip: This one contains an monstrous reversal.

The big one. Beast vs. young pretender. Has Reigns done enough to be worthy of the title shot? Can he secure a convincing victory over Brock, or is he just more suplex fodder? Only the game knows. Let the game tell all.

Matthew Elliott
Hello! I'm Matt, group commissioning editor for Future's games division. My ideal game would be a turn-based beat 'em up set in Lordran, starring Professor Layton and Nico from Broken Sword. There would also be catapults and romance. Follow me @MGElliott for Darkstalkers gifs and advice on how to tie a cravat.