WoW Week: Wrath of the Lich King, day 4

Howling Fjord
To the east is the lush Howling Fjord, proving that Northrend isn’t purely ice. Reached through Daggercap Bay (where Arthas first arrived), the Alliance stops in at Valgarde by boat from an unknown (as of yet) location, and the Horde reaches New Agamand - named after the Agamand Family found in the undead starter zone Tirisfal Glades, thus inspiring the new Tim Burton-style Forsaken architecture. With verdant areas at water’s edge, moving up into snowy vistas and pine forests that have been set ablaze - it’s a beautiful area. Both Horde and Alliance will be called to deal with a bunch of newly awakened half-giant Vrykul, attacking from the village of Nifflevar and the instanced content at Utgarde Keep.

Drak’Tharon Keep
This two-part instance leads in from two zones, The Grizzly Hills (leading to the 72-74 wing) and Zul’Drak (leading to the 74-76 wing). This former Ice Troll citadel has become home to the Scourge, so there’ll be some undead Troll action just waiting for you. This keep also formerly held Frostmourne, the runeblade that turned Arthas into a Death Knight, and drove him insane.