WoW takes on Warhammer

Upper Deck Entrainment's already brought World of Warcraft to the trading card game universe, and now it's laying down the WoW gauntlet to Warhammer tabletop.

The company's just unveiled World of Warcraft Miniatures Game, which it says will let us "act out your favourite World of Warcraft moments with highly detailed 3D renderings of all the classes, including iconic characters like Warchief Thrall and fan-favourite Leeroy Jenkins!"

Readers, if you've no idea why Leeroy Jenkins is referenced,go watch this.

Each miniature used in the game will come pre-painted (see picture left), and will be used in the likes of standalone raid and dungeon scenarios, with players either working co-operatively or engaging in miniature-powered PvP. Time to dig out that old d20 in preparation then.World of Warcraft Miniatures Gameis due to release this autumn.

Courtesy of CVG

Feb 8, 2008