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WoW fashion guide

Farmers for Hire

Blue Overalls
Crochet Hat

If the open sea doesn't appeal, we can always return to our roots by donning our blue overalls and crochet hat and heading of to the farm. A lucky few might even find Babe waiting for 'em. That'll do pig. That'll do.

Above: You can be a hustler for hire in Ironforge with this pimped out hat

Pimp My Hat

Stylin' Jungle Hat

If hanging out in front of the bank and heckling passersby is your idea of a fun way to spend time, you can't do it in higher fashion then the Stylin' Jungle Hat.

Them Bones
Deathmantle Helm

The rogue tier 5 helm looks strikingly similar to old school super-villain, Skeletor. With Prince Adam down in Lower City rounding up players to PvP, we can only hope there's a She-Ra and Master-At-Arms set coming out soon too.