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World War Z full-length trailer: watch online now

World War Z teased us with a glimpse of footage earlier this week, and a full-length trailer has now been released that you can watch online right here.

Until the first snippet of footage was revealed, it was eerily quiet on the World War Z front. No poster, no teaser trailer… heck, not even any sign of official stills.

Rumours circulated that Damon Lindelof’s appointment as script rewriter spelt trouble but the fact that everything thus far had been kept under wraps makes the first trailer all the more explosive.

Quite simply, it looks like zombie action on the biggest scale ever seen. The charging hordes - toppling buses, scaling defensive walls and generally sprinting with the vigour of the Olympics’ finest - amass in ridiculous numbers, causing an uncontrollable tidal wave of destruction.

Posing a genuine threat on a worldwide scale, Z looks to be a wholly different strain of zombie film.

Watch the full World War Z trailer now:

[ The above video is UK exclusive. Other territories can view the trailer on iTunes Movie Trailers (opens in new tab) ]

Judging from this footage, the film has eschewed the book’s multiple-voiced narrative recounting of the Zombie War, in favour of a straighter telling.

And if anyone was worried that there wouldn’t be any room for brains or heart amid the undead shuffling, Brad Pitt looks to be grounding the action in the kind of overwrought family-man-turned-hero role that you could really root for under these circumstances.

World War Z opens in the UK (and US) on 21 June 2012.

Matt Maytum
Matt Maytum

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