World of Nintendo

Hats off to daredevil Remi - the second entry in this month’s 20 snippets of Nintendo-related online strangeness. There’s simply not enough blatant disregard for life and law in the world of gaming fandom.

1) Plush invaders

These fluffy 8-bit tributes are called Bitz Pixellated Palz – perfect for your belated celebrations of Space Invaders’ 30th anniversary (or early celebration of the 31st).

2) The real Mario Kart
Marvel at some super daredevil antics as a fearless French guy dons the Mario suit, hops in a kart and heads onto the open road to play with the traffic.

3) Retro 3D

With any luck some game designers have been studying these stunning 3D images. Expect to see at least a couple of games with a similar artistic style popping up over the next year or two.

4) Hemp-mote

Nintendo could finally earn a bit of approval from environmental charities if they replaced their toxic white plastic with planet-saving hemp. No more sweaty remotes flying out of careless hands either – that stuff looks grippy!

5) Wii smash
Remote goes through screen – again. The great thing about this video is just how upset the unfortunate guy is after destroying his lovely LCD. Ahh,schadenfreude.

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