World in Conflict - hands-on

There's an interactive map feature that lets you call your teammates for help in a certain area without stopping to type in your request or ask for it. Headset communication is supported, although there's a chat bar too - filled here with positive remarks about the gameplay. It seems the beta has done a good job, and balancing looks to have been well tailored to requests judging by the list of updates in the second patch we downloaded.

Once you get the hang of it, capturing and holding bases becomes a lot of fun, as does knocking over trees with your tanks. The environment's destructibility is commendable and the detail level is high, standing up to scrutiny when you zoom right in on the action. The view is very cinematic, with a fully controllable camera that usually views the action from an isometric viewpoint, albeit in full 3D.

Above: Notice the deployment menu in the top-right and the bar at the top that shows who's winning

Assuming the single-player mode is as good as the multiplayer already isand the game turns out to be as deep as it appeared to bein our relatively short time with the game, this should be one to look out for when it is released this September. But you can play it before then - the Open Beta starts in July, and if you have pre-ordered the game you will be guaranteed a spot in the test. You'll also gain access to one exclusive map and your gamer tag and clan name will be preserved.For more information and updates, check outthe official site.

Justin Towell

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