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World exclusive Terminator Salvation images

The Terminator has landed on the cover of Total Film's 150th issue, complete with supercool LED flashing eyes.

From tomorrow, you can wander into your local newsagents, buy issue 150, press the button on the cover and be a part of the special-est special effect outside of Hollywood.

But the amazing flashing cover is only the start of our incredible 150th issue celebration. For a start, check the gallery to your right to see two world exclusive Terminator Salvation images.

Inside, Issue 150 goes in-depth and personal on the entire Terminator franchise, talking to everyone involved with every flick to feature a T800 (including Terminator Salvation).

We also grapple with Darren Aronofsky about Mickey Rourke's ace performance in The Wrestler and sit Kate Winslet down for a Total Film Interview.

Oh, and we reveal the final 50 of our 150 Greatest Performances Ever - including an exclusive interview with the winner...

There's also a review of every issue of Total Film ever produced, featuring a selection of interviews with our favourite cover stars - including Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson and, er, Victoria Beckham.

And, and... there's the full Review Of 2008, the 15 movie-things we demand to see before issue 200, and footage reviews of Watchmen and Star Trek...

Your mission: acquire immediately.

Total Film 150 is on-sale Thursday 11 December. Subscribe to the mag by clicking here.