Woody Harrelson set to star in WW2 thriller The Man With The Miraculous Hands

Woody Harrelson in The Hunger Games
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Woody Harrelson is set to star in the upcoming WW2 psychological thriller The Man With the Miraculous Hands, according to Variety. It's an adaptation of the snappily titled The Man With the Miraculous Hands: The Fantastic Story of Felix Kersten, Himmler's Private Doctor, written by Joseph Kessel.

Harrelson will play Kersten, a doctor who ends up working for the Nazis against his will, treating one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, Heinrich Himmler. Based on a true story, the novel is being adapted by Oren Moverman who Harrelson previously worked with on another WW2 drama, The Messenger.

"Even 70 years on after the end of the conflict, the Second World War still manages to reveal some of the most deeply moving untold stories of those who managed to triumph against adversity,” said producer Eric Jehelmann, who added that the original story “sheds new light on the end of the war."

It's heavy subject matter for Harrelson, but he's proved he can handle it. Along with mega-franchises like The Hunger Games, horror-comedy like Zombieland: Double Tap, and even cameos as Joe Biden on SNL, he's also starred in more thoughtful fare like Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and HBO's True Detective. Next year we'll also see him in Venom: Let There Be Carnage as Cletus Kasady. 

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