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Wolfenstein 1-D is the most extreme demake yet

Wolfenstein has been the subject of its fair share of remakes, demakes and fanmade tributes, yet few rank as high on the 'wtf?' scale as this new pixel-high 1-D interpretation. The craziest part? It's actually kind of fun.

Created by Wonder-Tonic, Wolfenstein 1-D prides itself as being the %26ldquo;the game that changed everything, converted to a one-pixel line.%26rdquo;

Stepping into William %26ldquo;B.J.%26rdquo; Blazkowicz's pixel-high boots, storming pixel-high rooms and picking off pixel-high Nazis does have its charms, even if half of the fun comes from the action going on in your head. You can try it out here.

1-D gaming might not require special glasses or expensive TVs to enjoy, but it does require good eyesight and a hefty degree of imagination. Maybe the DLC will include a second layer?

[Source: Wonder-Tonic via HotBloodedGaming]

Jan 25, 2011