Witcher actor says "things look good for the future" after cancer diagnosis

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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The Witcher actor Doug Cockle has shared an update after his prostate cancer diagnosis, telling fans that he's doing well.

In a tweet yesterday, Cockle said that "I just wanted to reply to everybody, all the wonderful people who sent me so many well-wishes and heartfelt love and support," after the Witcher actor announced his cancer diagnosis in an attempt to raise awareness about the disease.

Filming outdoors, Cockle told fans that "as you can see, I'm well and fine. I mean, I'm not, but I am. I'm all good. I'm up and about doing things."

Cockle said that he's undergone surgery, and is still "kinda catching my breath after that," but shared a positive prognosis; "still undergoing some treatment, and things generally look good for the future."

He closed out his message by reiterating his call for men over 50 to get tested for prostate cancer, and pointing fans towards resources to find out more about the disease, explaining that he'd had a blood test before progressing treatment.

With a brief appearance of his iconic Geralt voice, Cockle ended his video. That voice was made most famous by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, though Cockle voiced the character through the entire trilogy. It's not clear, however, whether he'll eventually return for the new Witcher trilogy or other Witcher spin-off games, like the Witcher remake or Project Sirius.

Doug Cockle shared his diagnosis in response to a message from Prostate Cancer UK - you can donate and find out more here.  

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