Latest Witcher 3 DLC not ready yet, even if you can download it

Been playing The Witcher 3 and keeping up on the free DLC being released each week by developer CD Projekt RED? Well, if you're playing Xbox One or PS4, hold off if you see an "Alternate Look for Ciri" DLC available on your chosen platform's network - it's not quite cooked yet.

Community Lead Marcin Momot wrote on Twitter that the DLC "wasn't ready," and advised users to stay away or uninstall the content if it was already on their machines. Some users are reporting that they are unable to load their saves, so I'm going to have to concur with Mr. Momot: keep out if you value Geralt's life.

There are 16 pieces of planned free DLC for The Witcher 3, with this Alternate Look for Ciri apparently among the remaining three. It's not currently known when Ciri's makeover will be ready, or if it will be released by itself or alongside other free DLC.

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Sam Prell

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