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Wind Waker HD video compares scenes from new and original games

If you've been paying attention to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for Wii U, you've probably already noticed a few changes: smoother models, sharper textures and more natural shadows and lighting

This comparison video from Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel (via Polygon) shows the same scenes from the GameCube original and the HD remake back-to-back. Marvel at the fluffy clouds, widened aspect ratio, and maybe (if you slow it down and watch fullscreen) you can even see a bit of bloom lighting.

Did you catch the bloom, there? Don't feel bad if you didn't the first time through, it's a subtle effect.

Wind Waker HD will release on Sept. 20 on eShop and in special Wii U bundles, and Oct. 4 in retail.

Connor Sheridan
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