Win! Halo 3 Beta access

Monday 14 May 2007
Can't get hold of a Halo 3 Beta access? Want one? We've teamed up with Microsoft to offer ten lucky winners a copy of Crackdown on Xbox 360, which comes with free access to the Halo 3 Beta servers. As if you didn't know, Halo 3 is the second sequel to the awesome Xbox shooter and is right up alongside GTAIV as Xbox 360's most important game this year. Check out Halo developer Bungie's official sitehere.

With the game nearing completion, Microsoft is allowing gamers to play the game for free, to see how it runs and whether there are any final issues that need to be addressed before the game is completed and released. You need a special code to do this and that's what we've got to give away. Hit the 'FAQ' tab on the left there for some frequently asked questions about the beta.

So what do you have to do to win? Well, just answer the following question and complete the tiebreaker. Be creative - we'll read them all and the best ten will get the prizes. Simple as that. OK - here goes:

What is the central character's name in Halo?

a) Mister Beef

b) Master Chief

c) Master Chef

Tiebreaker: Complete the following sentence in no more than 20 words:

If I could put any weapon in Halo 3 it would be ........ because...

Clickhere to email us with your answer, name and full address. The closing date for entries is Monday21 May 2007. Don't forget the tiebreaker!