Win a Limited Edition PlayStation 3 with MGS4

Auto Kahn!! We’ve got one of those limited edition Gun Metal PS3’s, bundled with this summer’s epic sneak-a-thon Metal Gear Solid 4 just perched under foot doubling as an ottoman. We were thinking about melting it down for spare robot parts and bling, but then we thought, hey what the hell, why not give it to a reader? WHAT HARM CAN IT DO?

So, yeah, do you want asoon-to-be-rare package deal worth $600? No? Oh that sucks. Cause this Gray bundle comes with a Limited Edition copy of Metal Gear Solid 4, a bonus Blu-ray disc, MGS4 soundtrack and a matching Dual Shock 3 controller to keep things classy. For those of you who are excited about the hyper-limited Gun Metal Gray edition PS3 bundle, Konami and GamesRadar are giving you a chance to win one free of charge. Unless you'd ratherbuy it off of Konami's website.

Also keep your eye out for 80gb Metal Gear Solid 4/PS3 bundles available everywhere games are peddled, but only if you’re interested in owning the world's most powerful console paired with its hottest game of the year at the best price ever offered. We know, it's a tough sell.

Above: Available in stores.......... NOW!

To win? All we wanna see is a Metal Gear - be it Ray, Rex, Shagohod, or Gekko - NOT posing a nuclear threat of apocalyptic proportions. Send us a picture of any Metal Gear, even one of your own design, doing something positive. Sweet, even.

Above: Metal Gear Rex playes Wii with the elderly

Doesn’t matter what kind of image it is. Draw it, Photoshop it, assemble it with LEGOs, or just throw some cardboard boxes on your little brother and snap a pic. The important part is to show the nice things a mechanized war machine can do for society.

Click hereto see the first round of submissions. Very funny, people.

Send your creations to, or better yet, post em’ inthe forumsto intimidate others away from the PS3 that is rightfully yours. Just get your Metal Gear in by Thursday, June 26th or you'll be the one all alone and screaming: "SNAAAAKE!"

Above: Atreyu and Metal Gear Ray will stop at Nothing!

Oh, and you must be over 17 and a US resident (Sorry, Zimbabwe.) Go to the next page for enough legal gobbledygook to choke a Genome soldier.

Jun 12, 2008