Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! review

The exclamation mark says it all - anything to spice up a movie that's this teeth-gnashingly formulaic.

Small-town innocent Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) wins a contest to spend an evening with Hollywood heart-throb Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel), inexplicably charming him into infatuation despite being so sanitised she belongs in the first reel of Pleasantville. Factor in best friend Pete (Topher Grace) and his unrequited crush, and we've got a functional, if listless, love triangle.

Blame falls squarely on scripter Victor Levin, who's already responsible for his fair share of zzzs with insipid American sitcom Mad About You. Writing with as much edge as a birthday balloon, he especially deflates the pivotal scenes between the duelling suitors.

Performances, meanwhile, are just fine, Bosworth glimmering behind her caricature and Duhamel channelling his inner Brad Pitt. The most notable showing of all, however, is the product placement.

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